Mechanical equipment manufacturing solutions

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According to the characteristics of the machinery and equipment manufacturing

industry, it provides mechanical equipment manufacturing MES solutions, including: production planning scheduling, process management, data collection, workshop site management, product tracking/logistics, quality control and analysis, equipment management, personnel management and other business modules, seamlessly connected with ERP, to achieve real-time collection and response to workshop production data, completely solve the problem of poor workshop information and difficult to control, greatly improve the production plan completion rate, and shorten the production cycle and increase production capacity.

Production planning scheduling

According to the planning constraints, the production order is

sequenced, and the task is allowed to be inserted, as well as manual adjustment, and the work order is expedited and processed.

Process management

Product processes, work instructions, assembly drawings, etc. can be defined. The actual production operation is produced according to the process guidance, which is error-proof and foolproof.

Data collection

Through scanning barcodes, RFID, equipment sensors and other data acquisition modes, the production visual kanban is automatically generated, the difference between the production progress and the plan is monitored in real time, and the follow-up is followed up in real time.

Workshop site management

On-site management includes production dispatch, start, first inspection, final inspection, material distribution and other management, employees can generate dispatch tasks according to self-service terminals, report work, inspection and other work.

Quality control analysis

Compared with the standard process flow, the production process is error-proof and foolproof. For the reporting and handling of quality problems, the analysis of quality problems in the past period of time is formed into various quality control reports.

Product tracking/logistics

Track the production status,

quality, process, logistics, etc. of the product through SN information such as product serial number and material batch number to understand the production status of work-in-process.

Device management

Through the equipment interconnection DIP platform, real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, processing history, equipment utilization analysis, etc., to provide a basis for improving equipment utilization.

People management

Personnel qualification certification, on-the-job control, timely statistics of personnel work performance.

In the production

process, combined with the production schedule, equipment, quality and other abnormalities, the relevant responsible person can be notified at the first time, and the immediate notification and treatment.

Program features

-A variety of data collection schemes: according to different site environments, support the use of barcode, RFID, sensor, equipment interconnection and other acquisition methods.

-Based on self-developed MC cloud platform: on the basis of industry standard modules, it can be customized and developed by users, and can also be combined with actual industry characteristics for in-depth customization and mining information.

-Mature industry kit: accumulated for many years, a number of industry application projects, and continue to refine the standard to the industry package, can be quickly implemented and deployed.


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