Characteristics of the machinery industry

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At this stage, many machinery and equipment industries only understand the promotion methods of auction ranking, and have little understanding of other promotion methods. The cost of bidding promotion is very high, coupled with the rapid increase in labor costs, the promotion cost of enterprises continues to soar.

It is understood that the machinery industry has the following characteristics: 1. High price. Generally, when it comes to machinery and equipment manufacturers, people are more likely to associate with high prices, so general business owners think that machinery and equipment manufacturers cannot do e-commerce and cannot trade online. 2. The picture does not show the characteristics of the product. General equipment can not judge the quality or performance of the equipment manufacturer based on the appearance alone, and some equipment is large, the picture is not good, and the details cannot be reflected. 3. Inconvenient transportation. Mechanical equipment is generally relatively large in size and is not suitable for long-distance transportation. 4. After-sales is a bit troublesome. After the sale of many equipment, it will also involve some offline services, such as installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and so on. Under such circumstances, it is imperative for enterprises to carry out Internet marketing and promotion.


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