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Tight take-up

Compact winder model SXJ1000/590


Compact model model

Product consultation:

Product description

1.Name and models

Compact winder model SXJ1000/590

2. Application

It is suitable for winding soft copper wire after annealing, soft hard aluminum wire, and cooperates with wire drawing machine to use coated finished line.

3. Technical parameters

4. Features of SXJ1000/590 type

4.1 No need to use a separate reel, thereby reducing costs and saving space;

4.2 Cone traverse makes the wire orderly and reliable;

4.3. Due to its large diameter, the reel capacity is large.


Large bearing ground shaft

This machine is suitable for the manufacture of copper and copper stranded wire, aluminum, aluminum alloy, steel core aluminum stranded wire, and the equipment production efficiency is high.

Separate motor

Each stranded cage is driven separately by a motor, which is independently controlled by the motor, and the speed is adjusted separately, through the gear;


This machine mainly supplies the wire cable factory to twist large-section aluminum stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper stranded wire and insulated wire strand. It is suitable for the production of large length bare aluminum and bare copper wire twisting and pressing.

Tight take-up

Compact winder model SXJ1000/590


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